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What Steps to Take If You Have A Car Accident in Louisville…

At the Accident Scene: 

  • Stay at the scene!
  • Check on the safety of all passengers and drivers in both vehicles.
  • Call the police if there is significant damage or injury.
  • Cordially exchange information:
    Driver & passenger names
    Phone numbers
    Drivers’ license numbers
    License plate numbers
    Insurance information
  • Take Pictures of the entire street, both vehicles and the surrounding accident area.
  • Talk to witnesses and get names and numbers if possible.

After the Accident:

  • Inform your insurance company of all details and provide photos from the scene.
  • Obtain and review any Louisville police report filed.
  • Keep track of your medical treatment.
  • Get a Property Damage Valuation from 2 body shops that have OE or ASC certification and offer at least a 1 year guarantee.
  • Be sure to make one of those body shops is Color Solutions of Louisville.  We can handle all repair situations in a shorter time frame than other shops.