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What Can I Do About My Car’s Faded Paint?

Has your car’s paint job taken a beating in the elements?

chipped paint on carTemperature variations, pollution and road salt will damage your car.  Faded paint, cracking finish and hazy headlights are just some of the visible signs you will see on a car over time.

The sun, is probably the worst offender.  The same light that damages our skin, also damages your car.  When ultraviolet light hits your vehicle, it actually breaks the molecular bonds in the paint.  Over time this breakdown results in dull and cracking paint, dingy plastic, yellowed headlights and faded trim.

Color Solutions of Louisville can help make your car look new again with our body shop and detailing services.  Not only will your car look like new, but it will increase the value when selling or trading it in.  Whether it’s just a portion of your car, or your entire vehicle, contact us to see how we can make it look great.yellow headlights Louisville


Starting at $125

  • Increases night visibility
  • Reconditioning costs less than replacement


Starting at $95

  • Hail damage
  • Removes dents and dings


Starting at $50

  • Most paint imperfections nearly disappear (chips and scratches)
  • Prevents chips and scratches from rusting

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We know people take pride in their cars and Color Solutions shares that same passion.

We pair the highest quality car care products with expertly trained staff. The results are extraordinary.

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